Ukai in the press

Our ears are burning…

Read below for recent reviews from the professionals and customers we’ve hosted at UKAI

Hello Magazine

“Two doors down from Stella McCartney’s London home in Portobello, a new gastro Japanese restaurant has opened up, Ukai…”

The Guardian

“Muddle the pear and tequila, add the lime juice and syrup, and shake over ice until chilled. Strain into a chilled martini glass…”

The Foodaholic

“I’ve eaten in some very good restaurants this year, sometimes even amazing ones but if I’m completely honest – nothing has really given me that tingle inside…”


“Portobello Road London brands themselves as a Japanese Gatro-pub. Offering traditional cuisine in a mod-upscale setting… ”

Notion Magazine

“As we walked down Portobello road, city mapper in hand and looking forward to an evening of “traditional sushi” in a “contemporary and ambient” setting we…”

Sloan Magazine

“Ukai is the Japanese inspired gastro pub in the heart of the exciting and eclectic Portobello market ‘village’ which is renowned for its high standard of food…”

Marie Claire

“Portobello Road’s Ukai sushi restaurant was never going to the standard minimalist Japanese space that usually surrounds you while dining on…”

Drink Me

“In the heart of Portobello a new type of gastro pub has become a staple piece. This Japanese style restaurant, Ukai, provides a warm and welcoming… ”